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Emsey Hospital

Emsey Hospital, is one of Turkey's leading private hospitals and health care quality, has been accredited by JCI international accreditation organizations. Located in Pendik Kurtköy district on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, the hotel hosts various domestic and foreign investments. Emsey Hospital has 33.000 m2 closed area, 254 beds, 9 operating theaters, 3 delivery rooms, delivery room, helipad and 10.500 m2 parking area.

Taking advantage of its strategic geography, we offer high quality and reliable medical services to patients in Turkey and abroad. Emsey Hospital is a well-known general hospital with all treatment departments in basic medicine, surgery and internal medicine, as well as various private medical departments with advanced technical equipment and treatment options.
It is one of the world's leading health centers in various fields such as cancer treatment, stem cell transplant, cardiovascular surgery, IVF, gynecology, obesity surgery, spine surgery, nuclear medicine treatment.
We serve with experienced healthcare personnel, professional management culture and high patient satisfaction based on international standards.

JCI certification
Emsey Hospital,Turkey’s first hospital in the scope Turquality first and the only state-funded programs and brand JCI certificate showing the quality of health services is the world's most trusted and reliable hospital. It is a certificate that can be made. By representing Turkey abroad it has proved to be a global brand can provide health services to people all over the world.
Our Emsey hospital has grown tremendously in the field of health tourism and has opened and started an overseas agency to provide counseling and support to patients abroad before going to Istanbul for treatment. We will guide you through the entire process of receiving treatment in the patient's native language and returning home.


We work every day to provide access to the best medical services for all local and foreign patients!

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