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NB Hospital

Our hospital by adopting the Turkish Repbulic Ministry of Health (SHKS) quality standards in all organizational processes, it attaches special importance to achieving the highest level of performance in patient care and ensuring high patient care quality, especially patient safety. All kinds of diagnosis and treatment services for our adult and pediatric patients, starting from the challenging treatments of rare diseases in the society, to life-saving medical interventions in the most critical moments of life NB It is successfully presented by our hospital's healthcare professionals and academic physician staff.

  NB Hospital, with the "patient-oriented approach" accepted all over the world, It was built by considering all psychological factors that will contribute to the treatment process of our patients. In our hospital where smart building technology is applied, an automation system compatible with new technologies is used. All these features in its architecture are planned for our patients to receive a comfortable health service. There are a total of 66 patient beds in suite and normal room concepts with a large area, maximum viewing of daylight. With the LCD screen in our suite rooms, our patients can benefit from multimedia (TV, DVD, Internet) services from where they sleep, and watch local, national and international television channels from closed circuit and satellite.

- To provide integrated treatment and care services to our patients with a quality, reliable, continuous approach
- To make patient treatment, care and satisfaction above all else and continuously improve with medical and administrative units
- To constantly prioritize patient expectations and rights
- To work in accordance with the laws and professional ethics, to give uncompromising importance to patient privacy
- To open hospitals, dispensaries and laboratories in order to protect and treat public health, to cooperate with and support other organizations established for the same purpose, To make health services accessible to patients with limited means


Improving the quality of patient care in our hospital at an optimal level, creating a safe patient care environment, minimizing risks to patients and employees, the Ministry of Health, which was established to ensure the continuity of quality improvement and patient safety, is implemented in Health Quality Standards.

Quality Standards in Health 

It consists of 557 standards and 1100 evaluation criteria.

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