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Why Istanbul ?

Turkey's specialist doctors, hospitals with high standards, thanks to safe treatment alternatives, many patients have been entrusting themselves to Turkish physicians, especially for aesthetic operations recently. In addition to its geographical location, cultural and historical richness and the beauties it offers to the patients who come, play a major role in the preference of our country.

The high competition in Istanbul directs the aesthetic centers to provide better quality service, many developments and improvement of the conditions. Having a large number of aesthetic centers that can meet the needs of each patient makes it possible for the patient to choose the most appropriate treatment according to the diagnosis made.

Most of the centers in Istanbul also offer VIP service privileges to their guests coming from abroad. Under this service; Specially, there are options such as meeting at the airport, providing transfer service between the hotel-clinic and the hospital by private vehicles during the treatment process, and being taken to the airport after the treatment. In addition, patient representatives and guides who will translate in their mother tongue accompany the patients coming from abroad. Professional patient representatives aim to provide the highest level of patient comfort by dealing with patients one-to-one during and after treatment.

With a process that is planned in the light of the patient's thoughts and wishes, patients can achieve the appearance of their dreams in safety and comfort with the principle of not staying behind the developing and changing technology. In addition to having technical equipment and modern infrastructure at international standards, utmost attention is paid to the use of modern equipment in hospitals and to the continuous improvement of the tools used. 

Many of the plastic surgeons are known around the world for their achievements in their fields. They share the new techniques they have developed with the participants by attending seminars in Turkey and abroad, accompanied by presentations. Considering that there are foreign doctors who are trained by Turkish doctors to improve their techniques and gain innovative experiences, the reason why Istanbul is preferred is better understood. Advancing an understanding of natural and permanent solutions adopted to obtain health tourism center of Turkey in particular reveals the success of aesthetics. According to the International Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons statistics, where the most performed aesthetic procedures Turkey is in first place among European countries. 

We have an agreement. with hospitals who are operating under the safety terms of the COVID-19 

The safety of our valued customers and employees is of great importance to us. In this direction, we closely follow all developments related to the subject. Our hygiene practices and protection measures we have developed in this regard are the World Health Organization and T.C. It has been determined in the light of scientific data published by the Ministry of Health and in line with the principles of sustainable practice.

At the very beginning of the process, all areas were disinfected with hydrogen peroxide silver-based material by an accredited company, and this practice continues regularly.